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Saturday, July 30th, 2005

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Dalton Hayes and his accomplice Cheyenne Phillips are going back to Kentucky ( KY ) to confront the results of these offenses. The two sought teenagers, ages 18 and 13, are accused of perpetrating various illegal acts in several states. Alive 11 News, facebook Media Screen-Shot They’ve been called a modern day Bonnie and this type of title stands not too much in the truth. The pair of Dalton, KY teenagers and Cheyenne, is currently going to face justice because of their astounding crime spree. This Friday, the 18 – year old man — who has since been divided from his 13 – year old girl friend — consented to be summoned back for judgment to Ky rather than get the the state extradition procedure. Based on CBS News before this week, the wanted man and girl were discovered evading Panama City Beach authorities during sleep next to each other in a an auto that was stolen. The proceedings happened earlier today, with Hayes consenting in the Bay County Court to be came back to his home state. ” I’ll sign the papers so I bachelorarbeit hilfe will return back to Ky, ” he said.

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Although the teenagers’ certain crimes presented at this point in time or all have not been made community, it is anticipated that Cheyenne and Dalton will probably be charged with numerous violations, including criminal mischief, trespassing, larceny, and burglary. While Hayes is anticipated to be tried as an adult, 13 – year old Phillips may probably be refined in the juvenile court program due to her minor status. Some more insight in to those two star-crossed — and certainly ill-fated in terms of their decision making — fans can be provided by the resource site. The wanted teenagers seemingly used a mix of stolen checks and thieved autos to journey all the way down south from KY to Florida ( FL ). The United States public was in shock of their Bonnie somehow managing to elude law enforcement regulators in many states and engaging in increasingly bold law breaking in their crime spree. Their catch was verified by Panama Metropolis Seaside regulators to have happened without incident. Hayes’ individual mom, Tammy Martin, offered a community request before this week on her child to come forward and ” face the consequences ” of his activities in the eyes of the law.

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The 18 – year-old and his underage girlfriend were dating for nearly 3 months, though it’s believed ghostwriter masterarbeit at this time that she had convinced him she was 19 years-old. The couple that was desired is likely to be right back in the state of Kentucky before the week’s ending. ” [ Cheyenne ] would move in and write checks, and she would emerge with smokes and stuff, therefore I did not have any reason not to consider she wasn’t 19, ” shared with the media. ” Because usually you-can’t purchase cigarettes when you are 13 years of age. ” He had been done in love with her, ” the mom added even with her child learned she was that young .