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Mozart: Carmina Burana

Monday, January 25th, 2010

My name is Riley Baver and besides from playing tennis for Mary Washington’s Men’s Team, previously for Radnor High School, and USTA junior tournaments, playing the trumpet in concert band, marching band, and jazz band has been my biggest hobby since elementary school.  Over the years I have become familiar with a variety of popular musicians, classical and modern.  During my years at Radnor High School, I had the privelege of playing one of Mozart’s famous pieces: Carmina Burana.  This work of art was one the few pieces I have ever played that I vividly remember playing because the emotion in this song is incredible.  Right from the first note this song creates insensity seldom heard in music.  Even when the music is at its softest, one can feel the building power and crescendo moving the piece forward.  While practicing this peice in band, the conductor drilled the accented notes every day because the crescendos, decrescendos, and staccatos bring life and power to this song.  This piece would not have any emotion or intensity without the wording that goes with the notes.  The song is fairly conjunct throughout, however the beauty doesn’t come from the the notes themselves, but from how the notes are played.  The combination of the key in which the music is in, plus the accents that give the notes life contribute to the dark and ominous feeling this song portrays.  This combination of emotion, intensity, and dark and ominous feelings throughout the song make Carmina Burnana one of Mozart’s most popular works.