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Understand Populat Culture: East Culture vs West Nature

Friday, January 14th, 2011

In Fiske’s article, Understanding Popular Culture, he discusses the emergence of designer jeans and the idea that people are being recognized by their social identity and relating this targeted social formation to values in jeans.  Thus the distinction between jeans in the east culture and west nature can further individualize one’s look, shape, and fit.  While the classic belief of western nature having a more rugged, tough, and hard-working versus the cultured, up-scaled, and urbanized eastern stereotype can still be found today, I believe the generalization has changed at least a little.  Western nature is seemingly being replaced by a culture of its own in the fact that news from Los Angeles and other major cities in the west have developed at a greater pace than the eastern city counterparts.  Silicon Valley is becoming extremely dynamic and the fashion industry is creating a new western identity everyday.  The cultural meaning of both sides of the American continent is changing for the western nature of jeans and other fashion trends is becoming increasingly the leading culture in the United States.