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Getting Bin Ladden– a Future Primary Source

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Nicholas Schmidle with some children in Herat, Afghanistan.

History must originally come from somewhere.  In today’s day and age, that somewhere is usually journalism.  Journalists assume the role of the first person to present events, analyze, and publish their findings on the subject they are reporting on.  In Nicholas Schmidle’s case, he was the first journalist to accumulate a substantial amount of evidence about the assassination of Osama Bin Laden.  In years to come this article will be sited as a primary source and the serious limitations found will by serious historians, but until then the article can be analyzed by even casual readers.

Although I have just recently been informed that this article lead the rise to serious treasonous accusations due to the leak of information, I found this article to be nothing more than very well articulated piece of propaganda.  The article has a certain overwhelming sense of sympathy for the Navy SEALs.  Everything that the SEALs did was heroic and anything they did wrong was understandable.  The SEAL valiantly bear-tackled two of Osama’s wives in order to shield his buddies from a blast if they were wearing bomb jackets.  The SEALs understandingly crashed a helicopter which, in retrospect one of the soldiers recalls, was perhaps a good thing because it would kill conspiracy theories of the event never taking place.  Hard to argue with that the mission did not even happen when there is a crashed U.S. helicopter in Pakistan.

There is something unsettling about this propaganda, however.  To get all this information there had to be some sort of leak from the White House.  That I do not find to be the biggest of issues.  The Bush administration leaked information about Valerie Plame’s identity back in 2005 destroying her career.  Leaks, whether they were accidental or on purpose, happen.  What I find unsettling about this article is that there are a lot of facts stated, although we can not be sure whether the facts are correct or not, but that the facts are hardly analyzed by the author.

The events could not have unfolded so nicely that the U.S. was completely in the right in this situation. What exactly was the mission?  To catputure or kill?  If it were to kill than the “killing” of Osama would better be titled, the “assassination” of Osama.  Is the government seriously trying to sway the masses to believe all this jingoist nonsense about how innocent we were in the operation?  Navy SEALs entered into Pakistan with no permission to turn a residential home into a war zone.  The terrorists were reported to have been popping out of corners with AK-47′s, but how much of that is true?  Can we trust our government at it’s word?  The only thing to do now is wait and see the uncovering of truths behind this event by future historians.