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Hugo meets Inception

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

These are two of my favorite films from 2010 and 2011. The films are not very similar, Inception is a little bit more action oriented while Hugo is a little more down to earth. Although both the films share discussion about dreams. Inception is built around dreams and the power of ideas. Hugo really illustrates the magic of movies and how dreams come to life on screen.

To be honest though, looking for two trailers to mashup I wasn’t thinking about this. I was looking at a couple different trailers and watched the Inception trailer, which is a great trailer. I then watched the Hugo trailer and thought to myself . . . “These two trailers are A LOT alike.” The music and the pacing are almost identical. So mashing up the two wasn’t that difficult.

To make it more seamless I edited the Hugo trailer to match some moments in the Inception trailer. I cut few of the scenes out and rearranged them so that the progression would make a little more sense. The Inception trailer added a tenseness to an already tense Hugo trailer. But the mashup really handled itself.

Here’s the original Hugo trailer:


And here’s the same idea done by someone else (swear I found this after I made mine):

I think my mashup works a little better. Not sure if Leo’s voice makes sense coming out of  little Hugo . . .