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Meeting with Advisor

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Meeting with my advisor, Dr. Blakemore, proved to be an extremely helpful and insightful experience.  He and I discussed the overall theme of the paper – General Lee and Pickett’s Charge.  Additionally, he offered various ideas which will ultimately allow me to combine the two aforementioned topics into one cohesive thesis.  After developing the question – Based upon past experiences, why did General Lee order several divisions to charge against fortified Union troops on July 3, 1863 at Gettysburg? – Dr. Blakemore provided a list of several poignant resources that will enhance my overall analysis concerning Robert E. Lee’s leadership styles, as well as his commands that he utilized throughout the battle of Gettysburg.  Furthermore, my advisor recommended that I research various aspects concerning Lee’s order to send approximately 15,000 Confederate troops to charge against a heavily entrenched enemy.  As a result of Dr. Blakemore’s help and guidance, I definitively pinpointed a topic, thus providing the catalyst to earnestly not only compile sources, but also research the topic at hand.