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Choosing a Topic Worksheet

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

A. Briefly describe the library research that you did towards choosing a topic. Include at least two reference books that you used and three library card catalog subject headings that you found useful.

-While researching in the library, I discovered several books that will be extremely useful to me. Three different subject headings that I found were Roanoke Colony; Indians of North America — First contact with Europeans — North Carolina; and Algonquian Indians — First contact with Europeans. A reference book that I used was “New American world : a documentary history of North America to 1612” – call number E101 .N422. That is the only reference book I have used thus far.

B. Briefly describe the internet research that you did. What words did you google successfully? Name at least one useful website. Do not include web based library card catalogs in this section.

-The internet research I have done has not proven to be as useful as the library so far. I googled Lost Colony and Roanoke Colony and came up with the play, “The Lost Colony” and of course, Wikipedia information. One very interesting site that I found is which is the website for the DNA research that is going on to try and find descendents of the colonists. This website also has a list of the names of the colonists of several different voyages to Roanoke in the 1580s.

C. Are enough secondary sources available on this topic? Tell me a bit about what you found.

-I have found several secondary sources and I am still looking for more. This topic has been of interest to scholars and archaeologists for a very long time, so there are numerous books written about it. There are also many compilations of primary sources like diary and journal entries from the time period.

D. Finally, describe your conversations with me about your topic and how your topic has evolved as a result.

-I have not really had a conversation with you about my topic yet except a brief letting you know what it was, but I plan to very soon!