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History and Historians, by Gilderhus: looking for his thesis, research questions, and conclusion.

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012


Modern historical consciousness has only been developed and practiced in the last 500 years when historians realized that God should not be written in as a deciding factor of events.

Research Questions

When did historian stop putting supernatural beings in their historical writings?

How did The Prince as a political writing influence later historical writings?

How did needing to draw from history for examples like in the Protestant Reformation influence modern historical writings?

What were the effects of the scientific revolution on the study of history?

As the English Enlightenment developed and divided, how did its philosophers shape the study of history?

How did philosophical history from Germany contribute to the forming of the modern study of history?

Why is Ranke the “father of modern history?”


Modern history can be used for simply the study of history, political history, or philosophy.  Marx used the philosophy of history as a way to wage a revolution, but that is just an extreme case of the use of modern history.  History as it is right now is preferably studied for its history and philosophy left up to the philosophy majors.