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Book Review and Article Review

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Book Review

The book review I found of my monograph California and the Dust Bowl Migration was written by Maurice E. Dance a professor of economics at California State University for the journal Monthly Labor Review in 1973.  The brief reviews summarizes the main points of the book very nicely.  Walter J. Stein writes a history of all the western migrants in the 1930′s and how they changed California agriculture.  The western migrants came to California with the vague dream of a better life and when they got there they found discrimination, hunger, and sparse seasonal work.  The book creates a coherent study of a very little known period of history.  Here is the review.

Article Review

The article review I chose was written by Keith Windschuttle of the website Free Republic.  His article is titled: Steinbeck’s Myth of the Okies (Another Archetypal Liberal Myth Debunked).  By just reading the title I could tell that this review is pretty biased against liberals.  What Windschuttle has to say is pretty interesting however.  He points out that a lot of what Steinbeck wrote in his book The Grapes of Wrath is exaggerated or simply not true.  I look forward into investigating more in depth whether the Joad family was indeed in the wrong place to have been experiencing severe dust storms.  Although this article is not very good as a source, it does draw from an interesting source, American Exodus by James N. Gregory.  Most of the “facts” that Windschuttle is drawing from is cited from this book.