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Four Question Proposals

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

Dust Bowl refugees making their way to California.

1.  How did Steinbeck write The Grapes of Wrath?  Related: what was the inspiration?  What was his research?  What was the reaction to his book?

2. What did Steinbeck get right in his research?  Related: what did he overlook?  What did he exaggerate?

3.  Who else was effected in the Oklahoman/western migration of refugees to California?  Related: what happened to the other migratory workers, ie Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Eastern European?  When did the migration start and when did it end?  What was the eventual fate of the Okies?

4.  What did the Workers Progress Administration document about this migratory event?  Related: what about the salvation army and the red cross?